Liquid Soap Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,850 / Piece(s) 
We facilities our clients with an attractive range of Hand Towel Dispenser, which is powdered by advanced futuristic technology. These are provided with sophisticated sensors that activate the dispensing system to dispense towels after detecting user’s hands waved before them. Our range of Paper Towel Dispensers is requires minimal maintenance and are used in malls and restaurants.


  • Help in meeting higher public health standards and in pollution prevention
  • Virtually removes cross-contamination during hand washing and drying
  • No buttons, levers or cranks, which can serve as germ reservoirs by limiting the amount of product dispensed each time, our range reduces waste up to 35 percent
  • Controlled usage, sensor range and time delay device reduce waste and lowers operating cost
  • Locking system avoids pilferage
  • Attractive smooth construction

Paper Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,450 / Piece(s) 
We have gained a remarkable position in the industry by offering a qualitative assortment of Paper Dispenser. This dispenser is manufactured using optimum quality components and advanced technology. In tune with different requirements of our copious clients, we customize the entire range in various models and other related specifications. Our offered dispenser has gained exceptional value amongst our clients for its defined features.


  • Precisely designed
  • Excellent performance
  • Long service life


ModelDescriptionMaterialDispensing CapacityUsage
EP07Auto Cut Paper Towel DispenserABS250 Meter HRT RollNear Washbasin
EP01Paper Towel DispenserS.Steel500- C/M Fold Tissue PapersNear Washbasin
EP02Paper Towel DispenserS.Steel300- C/M Fold Tissue PapersNear Washbasin
EP03Paper Towel DispenserABS500- C/M Fold Tissue PapersNear Washbasin
EP05Paper Towel DispenserABS300- C/M Fold Tissue PapersNear Washbasin
EJ01JRT DispenserS.Steel200 Meter JRT RollNear WC Area
EJ03JRT DispenserABS200 Meter JRT RollNear WC Area

Tissue Paper Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 950 / Piece(s) 

Offering Tissue Paper Dispenser. This is a soft paper product also known as tissue paper, used to maintain personal hygiene after human urination. These Toilet Papers are available in several types of paper, a variety of colours and also they vary immensely in the technical factors that distinguish them by sizes, weights, roughness, softness, chemical residues, "finger-breakthrough" resistance, water-absorption, etc.



  • Tissue paper dispenser

  • Item no no : vt. 004

  • Model: vts. 001

  • Material: abs plastic

  • Capacity: vt. 004

  • Model: vts . 004

  • material: stainless steel

  • Capacity of : 550 to 600 pcs

  • C-fold tissue




  • Tissue paper dispenser

  • Item no : vt. 005

  • Model: vts . 002

  • Material: abs plastic

  • Capacity of : 550 to 600 pcs

  • C-fold tissue.

Perfume Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 950 / Piece(s) 
One Sensor offer an outstanding range of Perfume Dispensers to our valued clients. These can be easily installed in offices, resorts and other places for soothing fragrance. Known for wear & tear resistance, these can be easily refilled. We offer these to the clients at market leading prices.Some of the features for which these products are renowned for:

  • Compact designs
  • Low maintenance cost

Aerosol Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,250 / Piece(s) 
An Aerosol dispenser is a device designed to produce a fine spray of liquid or solid particles that can be suspended in a gas such as the atmosphere. These Aerosol Dispensers are used to spread a good and soothing aroma in the environment and helps remove bad odour.The Aerosol Dispenser commonly consists of a container that holds under pressure the perfume to be dispersed and a liquefied gas propellant.S

Advantages of an Aerosol Dispenser:

  • Benefiting from advanced technology, the Aerosol Dispenser allows in effect rapid, sure, appropriate, hygienic and rational usage of a large number of products
  • Simple and easy to operate, the Aerosol Dispenser can be used with just one hand. It is perfectly hygienic, which constitutes an essential factor for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary uses
  • The contents of the Aerosol Dispenser cannot be spilled and remain protected from external factors, such as odours, light, oxygen and bacteria; they do not degrade or decompose
  • Finally, the Aerosol Dispensers application is directed with precision and allows the correct dosage of product. This has the ultimate advantage of making the price of the dose cheaper than that of a dose delivered by other packaging means

Automatic Aerosol Perfume Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,250 / Piece(s) 
With the customer focused approach and rich industrial experience, we offer Automatic Aerosol Perfume Dispenser with several precision-specifications as required by our clients. These products are manufactured with mixture of high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. These perfume dispensers are convenient to place and are easy on the nose hence creating a pleasant environment wherever they are located. Sensors and indicators alert the user in case of completion of liquid.

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,050 / Piece 
A One Sensor offer Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser that are equipped with an elegantly designed push button that facilitates easy operations. These are stylish,enhance the ambiance of the application area and suitable for all high traffic areas.

Some other features of this product are as follows:

  • Top opening removable 1000 ml reservoir easy for cleaning and refilling
  • 100% stainless steel for long lasting and performance
  • Satin finish

Soap Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 1,450 / Piece(s) 
We offer precision engineered soap dispensers, which can be operated automatically or manually by hand. It is a device, which dispenses soap in small quantity and is used in hotels, homes, offices and in many other areas. Our range of Automatic Soap Dispenser is available in attractive designs and shapes to choose from.

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Approx Price: Rs 950 / Piece(s) 
Whether you want a smaller one for home use, or the larger commercial liquid soap dispenser for commercial bathroom spaces, you will find there are many dispensers to choose from when shopping. So, if you want the best quality, materials, and finish, as well as the lowest price for the new dispenser, you have to shop for it.Send Query Now

Going with the right retailer is not only going to drive down the cost, it is also the only way to find the quality items you want to find when the time comes for you to buy the product.

The right liquid soap dispenser

Of course depending on what the dispenser is going to be used for, each consumer is going to find something a bit different when shopping. So, you have to compare, you have to know which items to look for, and you have to consider all dispensers, so that you find the ideal one. Whether it is for home or commercial use, there are many great items you can choose from, especially if you know where to turn to when you are getting ready to buy the new dispenser for these different uses.

Whether it is a larger or smaller liquid soap dispenser, there are many to consider. The consumer has to shop, and you must know where to go for the right dispenser, especially if you want to save. There are many specialty retailers, and online sites you can go with when you are ready to buy. But, no matter what you end up choosing, the only way to find the right item, for the lower prices, is to put in the time and the effort to shop for them, and to compare the many options available to you.Send Query Now
Prices for new liquid soap dispenser

Depending on the type of liquid soap dispenser you choose, the prices are also going to vary. So, whether it is smaller for home use, or a larger system for commercial use, the costs are going to differ. Also, depending on the material, the sizes, and the finish on each dispenser, you will be paying more for certain items. So, you must compare, you must shop, and you must visit a few different retailers, in order to ensure you do end up with the best for less.Send Query Now

With so many options to choose from when buying a new liquid soap dispenser, you have to consider all of them, and consider all retailers you have to choose from when shopping for these items.

Since there are many items and places to go, the only way to find what you want, and find the lower prices on them, is to do the comparison, visit the retailers, and eventually find the right fit dispenser, for the intended purpose, and the places that you are planning on putting them in
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